We are a design studio creating meaningful interiors and uncommon objects to captivate spaces. 

Our projects consistently explore ways to stimulate the mind and heart through design. Our solutions are smart, pragmatic and sophisticated while offering a highly crafted sense of place.


Mynt is a Birmingham, Alabama based interior design firm, dedicated to creating deliberate and delightful experiences for living, dining and workplace spaces. A modern design approach where we believe that thoughtful design enriches everyday life.

A concept that has evolved with the growth of Micah’s own family. Rewind to more than a decade ago when now partners, Ric and Micah were both working for RTKL in Washington, DC. The two would collaborate and shape experiences bringing their unique, individual and sometimes contrasting points of view into a project. Life led them in opposite directions along the East coast, but in 2017 they decided to team up again and expand their portfolio of meaningful spaces.



Micah Yeck

IIDA, LEED AP, NCIDQ Founder / Designer

After earning her MFA in design, she spent the first decade of her design career in healthcare interiors. While designing patient bedtowers, cancer centers, and specialty outpatient clinics she developed an appreciation for the connection between design and health. After relocating to Birmingham she found her way into the corporate interiors, hospitality and residential segments. Micah oversees each project from the initial programming phase through project close out and post occupancy. As project manager, she monitors projects against the established objectives, budgets, schedules, and coordinates the activities with clients & consultants to ensure effective communication.


Ric Hernandez


With a background in Interior Design and Brand Design, Ric brings his experiential approach to each project. Focusing on the power of story, Ric seeks to shape a unique approach and personality to each project. His passion for people and culture has brought an extensive pool of collaborators to the studio, from fabricators, illustrators and artists from across the globe.