Fikra Campus

United Arab Emirates

Type: Corporate
Location: United Arab Emirates
Area: 5000 sf

Collaboration continues to be an important driver of workspaces in and outside the United States. Everyone is looking for an edge, a unique interpretation of how to work. Fikra is a design-led educational platform in the United Arab Emirates that combines co-working space, studio, cafe, gallery and library into one flexible environment. Our goal was to be inclusive of this extensive program while providing a unique identity to the space and Fikra Campus experience. The execution was a bright, vibrant, open and multi sensorial space that transforms itself from lounge seating to gallery space with the flexible/mobile enclosures of certain sections of the space.



Fikra Gallery

Careful attention was placed to bring in natural elements to energize the space and provide users with a connection to nature. Natural woods, planters and natural fibers keeps the space casual and comfortable while users converse, collaborate and work.

The conference room is a blank slate with ample wall space for users to make it their own as they meet with other peers or clients.

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